What Is Blue Waffles? Is Blue Waffle Disease Fact Or Fiction?


With every passing day we hear about new and mysterious diseases and one such disease is blue waffle disease. I am sure not everyone among you will be aware of this strange disease which is gaining more and more attention from the public. When we talk about blue waffle then it is actually a sexually transmitted disease which is more common in women as compared to men. In this article we will get to know about the blue waffle causes and symptoms of blue waffle std along with some facts about bluewaffles disease also to be shared with you.

Blue Waffles Description:

The disease gets its name from the blue color of the genitals. It is a severe disease that has become known from the recent time. What is blue waffles caused by are actually poor hygiene habits that result in itching around the genitals. Then the color of genitals begins to change. It turns blue and when untreated, the infection spreads and woman gets Blue Waffle disease. This is extreme pain experienced by women that is unbearable at times. So in this condition you have to get the consultation of doctor. This is the basic information about blue waffles how you get it.

What Is Blue Waffles Disease In Reality?

In order to know about blue waffles disease you have to get into its background. If you have not heard about it before then don’t be worried because the mystery behind this disease is still in the process of investigation. Obviously this disease is caused due to certain reasons and the symptoms of blue waffles disease appear shortly after the infection. It is believed that this std began after the union of several bacteria to one. And this one bacteria affected one or two individuals initially and then greater number of people became the victims of this horrible disease.

In order to treat this disease you have get the assistance of a medical expert. This disease is most common in females where this bacterium is interested to enter the vagina where the actual trouble begins. The presence of bacteria causes painful infection inside the vagina. The symptoms appear after a short interval of time and the condition gets unbearable within hours.



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What Are The Blue Waffle Symptoms?

As we all know that every ailment has some symptoms which are common. The blue waffle symptoms include acute burning followed by extreme itching sensation. It is the condition when you need to contact your doctor because as the time passes, the vagina will swell considerably. The color of vagina begins to change. You need to observe it yourself that it turns bluish purple. Women discharge in this condition changes its color too. It turns bluish purple followed by disgusting odor that can be even felt by others. These are the common blue waffles disease symptoms that give you an idea that you are having blue waffles.

How Do You Get Blue Waffles Disease?

Have you ever heard about Blue Waffle how does it happen? Basically it is a sexually transmitted disease which means that it gets transferred from one victim to the other through bacteria. As now you are aware that how do you get the blue waffles disease then you have to think about its cure and treatment. The sole cause is the unhygienic habits during and after the sexual intercourse.

What Bacteria Causes Blue Waffles Disease?

As discussed above that blue waffles transmission is because of various types of infection causing bacteria that enter the body of a person through sexual intercourse. The partner may already be affected with these bacteria. It is also believed that the blue waffles infection causes are due to the existence of blue waffle bacteria which are themselves mutated from some other bacteria types involved in other STD’s. In this way both men and women are affection with this severe infection.

What Kind Of Infection Is Blue Waffle?

Blue waffles are the most dangerous kind of infection and its actual cause is believed to be the resistance created by bacteria that cause some other kinds of STD’s. These bacteria work just to restrict the effect of medication that is used to treat any specific STD. If a person is taking medications to treat a specific STD then the bacteria which were involved in the cause of that specific STD will battle against action of medicines and as a consequence Blue Waffles are formed. This infection is transferred from the victim’s body to the sexual partner.

What Are The Probable Blue Waffles Causes One Must Know?

A frequent inquiry made by majority of people is regarding blue waffles disease how do you get it these days. Those who want to know about the reality of blue waffle actual disease then this disease occurs because of the following reasons. Read these lines to know about Blue waffle disease what causes it in men and women.

Blue Waffles Causes

Having An Unprotected Sexual Intercourse:

When people ask regarding Blue Waffle how does it happen then you must know that the primary reason of this disease is unprotected sexual intercourse. The strand of bacteria is passed from one individual to another during an unprotected intercourse. The bacteria which are involved in this disease are present inside a woman’s vagina and in this way the infection is most likely to pass to the man. Various types of bacteria are combined together to form one STD and they are also a part of common STD’s. It is also stated that it may be the consequences of changing the bacteria during the treatment of other STD’s.

Poor Hygiene Habits:

The second major cause of blue waffles what causes is the use of objects during intercourse in order to have pleasure. At times these objects are contaminated from bacterium from the previous discharge and may not be cleaned properly. So the poor hygiene is the second major cause of blue waffles. The bacterium grows on moist and wet objects and once these objects are inserted into the vagina results in severe vaginal infections. You are advised to sanitize the sex toys after their use during sexual intercourse. This might to be the exact cause of this disease but is a major contribution towards it. So it is advised that you wash your body well with antibacterial soap once the sexual intercourse is done otherwise the bacterium will cause blue waffles.

Weak Immune System:

If you ask how do u get blue waffles disease then it is stated that in females when the immune system becomes weak then it is unable to fight against the diseases and this increases the chances of getting blue waffles in females. In this way the microorganisms are grown and cause severe vaginal infection which also spread to other body parts in no time.

Expansion Of Good Bacteria:

When the good bacteria are increased in number and there is disturbed a balance in these bacteria and they are likely to contribute towards contraction of Blue Waffles.

 Oral Sex Practices:

The bacterium from female to male partner is easily transferred through oral sex. Hence this practice does not include protection that is why the microorganisms are transferred to other partner and cause infections.


When you are stressed no matter it is physical or mental stress, it greatly affects your immune system. It leads to health issues and chances of getting diseases like Blue Waffle.

 Use Of Sprays And Cleansers for Vagina:

When the sprays and cleansers are used for vagina they may cause irritation. It is better to test them before using. So in order to avoid vaginal infections you need to avoid products that cause irritation.

 Improper Dietary Habits:

Women who don’t pay attention to their diet have a weak immune system. You should take balanced diet so that your body gets all the required vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals, fats and proteins. Women with improper dietary habits easily get diseases like Blue Waffles. These are the reasons for what are the causes of blue waffles.

Can I Cure Blue Waffle STD At Home?

When it comes to curing blue waffles std at home then it is something not possible. It is so because the infection is of extreme kind that it needs the consult of a medical professional who after the examination of vaginal infection will start the immediate treatment. So a person cannot cure bluewaffle std at home all by his own.

Can Blue Waffles Disease Be Cured?

The people inquire blue waffles is it curable then when it comes to blue waffle cure then there is not any appropriate cure for this ailment. In order to cure for blue waffles you have to consult the doctor for personal examination. Doctor will evaluate the patient’s condition and then medication will be prescribed after the test reports. Usually the medications for blue waffle std cure are similar to other sexually transmitted diseases. Blue waffle disease cure is possible but not at home. The timely blue waffles cure is effective otherwise severity of infection becomes difficult to be treated.

What Is The Possible Treatment For Blue Waffles?

  • People are afraid of this disease and they often ask how to get rid of blue waffles disease. One must know that it is treated like other STDs. The Blue Waffle treatment is done by using antibiotics that need to be applied around genital area. Blue waffle medicine pills that are the oral antibiotics are also prescribed by the doctor. It means that this disease cannot be treated at home.
  • You have to pay attention towards your hygiene habits. It is advised to wear cotton underwear so that the recovery process can be made fast. Through pelvic examination in the clinic the treatment is started.

How To Prevent Blue Waffles Disease From Happening?

These precautionary measures will help you to avoid blue waffles from happening.

  • Cleanliness of area around genitals is important at first place. Vagina should be kept dry and clean.
  • Cleanliness of vagina after sex and it’s better to take shower after sex.
  • Having multiple partners too often for sex should be avoided.
  • Using condoms should be necessary as it may happen from unprotected sexual intercourse.
  • Exchange of sex toys must be restricted.
  • Tight undergarments must not be used.
  • Healthy diet makes a stronger immune system that help to prevent Blue Waffles.

Is Blue Waffles Real Or Not?

As the actual cause of this disease is yet to be known that is why people often ask is blue waffle real or fake. Blue Waffles is a sexually transmitted disease which becomes severe within no time. The experts has started believing that Blue Waffles real disease that is why people are advised to take precautions in order to stay away from this mysterious yet real disease. Some medical experts have denied its existence but from time to time new results are shown to the public which clearly state that Blue Waffles std real by it is affecting greater number of men and women in no time.

Is Blue Waffle In Male Less Common Than Blue Waffles Disease Female?

One cannot say that blue waffles in actually a female disease as it affects males in the similar manner. The way in which it affects youngster and men is different. Basically the bacterium which causes blue waffles is a lover of damp and moist place which right now is the woman’s vagina. The vaginal infection is more common as compared to Blue Waffles mouth infection. Women are at more risk when they have sex with multiple partners. The poor hygiene is females result in blue waffles in females. In males this infection is caused when they have sexual intercourse with women already suffering from blue waffles bacteria.

Blue Waffles Disease Female

Can Blue Waffle Kill You Even If Treated?

As the mystery of what kind of std is blue waffle is yet to be solved people helplessly ask how do you catch blue waffles disease? As the causes have been discussed above in detail, the death because of blue waffles is caused when not treated timely. The red waffle is the other way around when vagina is bleeding heavily. While in blue waffle vagina, it turns blue due to severe infection. Once the infection gets uncontrolled then it becomes fatal among people.

Blue Waffles Disease Real Pictures:

These pictures have been compiled by the medical experts so that people must know that it is a real disease and people should be educated more and more about preventing it at once. The blue waffle video of female and male victim is also here on our website.

Final Verdict:

Blue waffle is a severe kind of STD about which medical professionals are working hard to know about its real causes. How do u get blue waffles and what causes blue waffles disease are the things to be discovered. Some of the causes about blue waffles what std is it have been discussed in detail in this article. All you have to do is to have good hygiene habits and proper sex practices in order to stay away from this infectious disease.