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about us

My name is Dr Lary and I am an expert obstetrician and Gynecologist. I am very passionate about providing health care services to women around the world. I have 10 years of experience in the field of Ob/Gyn. Being a specialized gynecologist I treat women in various aspects of their health such as sexual health, family planning, breast feeding, gynecologic cancers, sexually transmitted diseases, menopause and post menopause issues. My aim is to raise awareness to general public through this blog. I feel immense pleasure in helping out women who are affected by severe disease such as the blue waffles disease. I am also teaching the young doctors who are going to become the Obstetricians and gynecologists. I share my experience of dealing the patients with my students so that they can also learn from me in this way. Apart from that I am offering my services at the administration level being the head of department.

DrLary.com website is designed to help out people through our research based articles. Here you will find information about the blue waffle disease. It is a sexually transmitted disease which is affecting the lives of lots of people. Our sole purpose is to educate the people about this mysterious yet new STD called Blue Waffles.  Readers should know that this disease affects women and men at the same time. The dark side of this disease is that it causes pain and inflammation in a woman’s vagina because of the blue waffles infection. The sole cause of this disease is unprotected sexual intercourse among people. The bacterium causes infection in a moist female’s vagina which is transmitted to the other person through sex. Some people don’t agree to its existence and consider it a joke. Our purpose is to provide the basic information after reading which you have to get the services of a medical practitioner. This website tells the reader about the causes of this disease and the importance of consulting a medical specialist.

On this website you will find the Blue waffles pictures of patients suffering from this disease. These unpleasant photos are shared with the purpose of educating our readers. We share the most authentic information and we want that people must be saved from the clutches of the mysterious disease. If you feel any sort of vaginal discomfort then it is advised that you have to consult the doctor because we discourage the idea of self-medication. Every day so many women approach me for treatment of disease which is affecting their lives. You can prevent the Blue Waffles disease by having a protected sexual intercourse. Maintain good personal hygiene so that this bacterial infection can be prevented both in men and women. Above all the bottom line is that Blue Waffles diseases is not confirmed by medical field experts however it is advised that for every kind of vaginal discomfort you should need medical treatment at the first hand. Ignorance can lead to terrible consequences in the long run. I hope you will get benefit from the information provided on this website.