Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

Welcome to This website is designed with a purpose to educate the people. We are interested to provide awareness to the people through this website. The articles you find on this website are written by the professional so that our visitors find the authentic and up to date information from us. Through we protect the privacy of our readers and every time authentic and helpful information is shared with them based on experience. This privacy policy has to be implemented from January 2018.

How the personal information is collected?

We at collect your personal information such as IP address, email address, browser type, operating system, date/time and other such information automatically. So you don’t need to provide us the details when you wish to visit this website. However after reading the blog posts if you are interested to subscribe to our newsletter or make comments then you have to provide us your personal information such as your name and email address. Any type of personal information on yours visiting the site is collected automatically through the help of cookies.

How the collected information is used?

Here at we admit the idea that privacy of our reader is our fundamental priority. We assure you that we DO NOT sell or even rent any of the personal information of our visitors. Every sort of association to your religion, sect or race is kept confidential. You must know worry about name and email address while you comment or subscribe to us because we completely protect your privacy. All the content of this site is tracked by our team experts in order to know your interests and priorities.

Privacy of children

The privacy of children is very necessary so parents should monitor the activity of their children who are 13 years of age whenever they are using the internet. On performing any online work children should be monitored as we will not be held responsible if any sort of personal information is shared with us.

Comments policy

You have to be very careful while you make comments on our blog posts because a comment becomes public property and everyone is able to view it. So avoid sharing your private information in comments otherwise we shall not be held responsible in case of loss. Any comment that promotes violence, religious chaos or extremism is strictly prohibited. Always make helpful and informative comments.

Third party links

This website contains links to some other websites or the third party links. These are basically the links of our advertisers. Once the third party link is clicked, now you are liable to follow their respective privacy policy. We shall not be held responsible for any sort of communication between the visitor and the third party website.

Use of cookies makes the use of cookies when this site is visited. Those who don’t know about the term cookie should know that it is a text file that is placed in your computer’s hard disk. It informs your browser when you visit any page because it keeps that specific URL in his memory. The system of cookies is recommended however.

Contact information

Here at we always welcome your suggestions and queries. If you are interested to share your reviews then you can do so at [email protected]. All the rights are reserved. Any amendment can be made on this website by us. So you have to connect with us in order to get updated. You must agree to our terms of use and privacy policy once you visit us. If you have any queries about the privacy policy then must ask us at [email protected]